I live [here]


Today marks my 29th birthday. I’ve spent the last month or so feeling less then my normal self – mysteriously down. And I think I figured out why. I cracked the case!

A year ago I was preparing to move to San Francisco and had no idea when I’d come back to London. I lived everywhere and nowhere. When I was in Toronto this past April, it sunk in, I don’t live there anymore. (Duh Nancy.) I’m not on holiday, I’ve chosen to build a life elsewhere. There is a certain bittersweetness there. But really, today with floods of texts, Facetime calls, Facebook messages, emails rolling in for my birthday, I am struck with the thought that some people live in a place, and I live in the world – a world where I have a  home in London and friends/chosen family everywhere. A heart spread over continents, oceans and in excellently decorated kitchens all over the world.

I feel that kind of loneliness you feel when you’re far…but also a kind of universal understanding and love with my global friends that is constant and assuring. I wouldn’t trade these feelings for anything. I wouldn’t trade this wacky life for anything. I can honestly say that the adventure keeps getting better and better and I look forward to this year’s adventure.

Thank you for being a part of the magic. I think 29 will bring some incredible opportunities, challenges and triumphs and I look forward to raising a glass with you, sharing a hug or a meal with you in some great city of the world sometime soon.

Vision and thanks


I often observe that many of my friends are destined for greatness. The definition of that greatness is unique to that person. For some, it’s raising a beautiful family. For others, it’s reimagining beloved theatrical works, slaying public relation demons, or juggling machetes for international audiences. These individuals are a constant source of inspiration. The strength, tenacity and focus they bring to each of their pursuits is incredibly beguiling.

I write tonight to congratulate some incredible people and to thank some others for their kindness. One of my friend’s dreamed up a large scale burlesque show in Toronto as a fundraiser and appetizer for the Toronto International Burlesque Festival. Along with her devoted team and partners, she executed a show that sounds like from all accounts a pretty remarkable affair. Although I am far away, I could certainly feel the triumph from across the pond! So a brief, but heartfelt bravi tutti for their mastery, artistry and dedication this week. I know they gave Toronto a show to remember!

I’d also like to talk about those that have taken care of me in the last few weeks. I’m excited about the next phase of my adventure in San Francisco, but I am certainly scared. I will be back in London in anywhere from six weeks to three months. I have asked for help and several people have stepped up to the plate and for that I am eternally grateful. Everything is up in the air so let’s focus on the things I know for certain: 1. I have the best friends in the world…worldwide. 2. I am ready for what comes next. 3. I have the right shade of lipstick for the occasion.

And now for my song of the moment and a beautifully danced backdrop. I’m pretty sure this was filmed in Toronto judging by the TTC train.