Danny Tanner says hi!


Similar to when I landed in London, the first few weeks are the toughest to recalibrate to a new city. My first ports of call are (in no particular order): brunch with friends passing through town, dinner with family I haven’t seen in years, coffee with a childhood best friend who happens to be in town and searching out a new local coffee shop. I’ll chat with some strangers, get acquainted with my new school campus (oh yeah, that masters I’m doing…that ol’ thing) and see where the next few months take me.

London’s become my home. “My crescent city where my speech alone is understood and greeted as the natural noise of good” (Phillip Larkin, For Sidney Bechet). It feels like I’ve left Toronto all over again. In spite of all this uncertainty, I know I’ll be back soon. Hell! I left my chef knives with @HCForest – that’s a sure fire sign.

I don’t know which way to look when crossing the street and traffic brakes for pedestrians. Where am I?! I used to be calling from the future, now I’m sitting in past (from Greenwich time to Pacific time). Is this what happens when your home is the world? It certainly feels like a first world problem. I’m shoving off to see my folks in New York tomorrow. If anyone needs me I’ll be drinking champagne punch in Alphabet City and eating Babycakes NYC cupcakes for the next few days. Be gentle guys – the road is definitely getting more interesting.

When streets start talking to you…


It began a couple of weeks ago…a wall on High Holborn had the words “be present” sprayed across a wall. Then there was the Nike ad that said “attempt the impossible; risk everything,” then there was the bridge tonight that said “change is the only certain thing.” I realize these are all circumstantial and coincidental and that I have been undergoing a typical masters student existential crisis but to hell with it! I’m going to rationalize and you can’t stop me.

I am four days into my 28th year and already I’ve done a photoshoot and interview for a UK magazine that will come out in October 2014, performed in an international world renowned cabaret festival, taught 50+ people some sweet lindy hop moves, drunk numerous cocktails (many of which I did not pay for) and partied under a bridge by the Canal with a bonfire to sweet 90s jams. It’s not a brag, it’s just an observation. Life is crazy, stressful and maddening, but it’s also vibrant, unusual and astonishing!

I spoke about uncertainty a few weeks ago and in the last three days I’ve felt uncertainty shift. It feels more like opportunity this week and momentum. And to be honest, I’ll take it! I shove off to San Francisco in a few hours and I’m sad to leave London (because it’s rad) but I look forward to learning some things and bringing that knowledge back with me when I return.


New year, new look


New year, time for a blog makeover. We are two weeks into 2014, how are you all holding up? I’m feeling a little tender. 2013 left me feeling proud, excited and tired. It was a year of risk and reward. 2014 promises to be a year of growth and strength. I’ve decided my mantra for the year is “all killer, no filler”.

I moved to London four months ago and am finally starting to feel settled. I miss my comrades into Toronto, but I know they are only a Skype/FaceTime/GChat call away.

On this fine Tuesday, I leave you with some LL Cool J and several high fives.