Breaking bread…


My favourite place in any apartment/flat/house is the kitchen. You can deduce a lot about a person on what’s in their kitchen. I spent many days chopping, rolling, stirring and baking up recipes. Every party would inevitably end up with 20+ people in my tiny kitchen when I had a sizeable and comfortable living room. Maybe it has something to do with out primal self wanting to gather around a fire together, maybe it’s because that’s where the cold drinks are? Whatever the reason, I miss those moments.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a get together a few weeks ago with a group of diverse and remarkable women. We crammed ourselves around a kitchen table and over delicious food, drinks and copious cups of tea, we chatted away. Topics included (in no particular order): sex (obviously), friendship, gender sensitivity, species of chicken and science!

London is a remarkable city, with incredible people from all over the world. I often wish there were more places where you could sit, relax and make a meal. I’ve started inviting myself over to people’s house to make dinner and create more of those moments. I can’t wait until I have a proper kitchen again and a kitchen table that seats 4 – 6. Just you wait!

Keep calm