London Swing Festival


First and foremost, Laura Cupit Knight, is a boss, a legend, a titan, a visionary! The London Swing Festival was so beautifully run, presented and organised. It was a real treat to participate and compete. More than 400 people took class and more than 700 people bought a ticket to the event. That’s nuts! It was a festival of firsts where I competed with two lovely partners in the Strictly and Fast Feet contests and proudly presented a team showcase with some exceptional women. I’m pleased to say that placing 2nd in the Jack and Jill and 3rd in the Team Showcase certainly helped boost the spirits.

I love competing. Not necessarily to win, but because I love performing. I love sharing light and energy with an audience and what warmer audience is there then a lindy hop audience. There is something about the closeness and hooting and hollering that adds to the thrill. You’ve won even before you walk out because everyone wants you to succeed; to share some art; and maybe some joy. I feel tremendously inspired by everyone’s choreography and focus, it was great to see what everyone’s been working on the last couple of months.

It seems a bit surreal that this weekend I get to teach in Nottingham with Ben and next weekend I’ll be in Cork. I’m only five months into 2015 and already I’ve been to four countries, placed in two international contests, performed in an international burlesque festival and held down – with serious progress – my exceptional day job. I feel like the next three months are going to fly by as I prepare for the International Lindy Hop Championships, Camp Hollywood and European Swing Dance Festival – I’ll just have to create some space to take it all in and celebrate small triumphs along the way.

To Laura Cupit Knight, Michaela Delmonte and the entire LSF team. Thank you for making some serious magic happen this past weekend. You bring out the best in us.

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