Harlem, LT and six weeks of crazy


I’ve attend a fair number of lindy hop events over the last 10 years. There have been highlights with crazy music, incredible dances and excellent memories. I sometimes feel like outstanding events come in waves…Harlem is definitely a high point on the crest of the wave. What did I love about it? I had to be assertive to get dances, but the occasional snobbery you feel at some events was entirely absent. The quality of dances was extremely high and the mood of celebration was undeniable.

I often think great events are curated – the organisers think through the journey for us, the participants, the staff, the teachers, the musicians and how we’ll interact at the dance. I loved how smooth Harlem felt (for the most part). It wasn’t perfect, but it was full of care. I really appreciated that. The event made me feel inspired and ready for new challenges. It also kicked off six weeks of intense dance weekends…

This weekend I compete at the London Swing Festival, next weekend I teach with awesome Benjamin Cook in Nottingham, the following week Simon Bressanelli and I hit up The Mooche in Cork, Ireland then I teach the following weekend at a Dance in a Day and lead some drills at the Teach me the Awesome workshop. I might need a couple of naps in there. Good luck everybody!

And here’s some inspiration for y’all – gotta love King of the Hill format:

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