I live [here]


Today marks my 29th birthday. I’ve spent the last month or so feeling less then my normal self – mysteriously down. And I think I figured out why. I cracked the case!

A year ago I was preparing to move to San Francisco and had no idea when I’d come back to London. I lived everywhere and nowhere. When I was in Toronto this past April, it sunk in, I don’t live there anymore. (Duh Nancy.) I’m not on holiday, I’ve chosen to build a life elsewhere. There is a certain bittersweetness there. But really, today with floods of texts, Facetime calls, Facebook messages, emails rolling in for my birthday, I am struck with the thought that some people live in a place, and I live in the world – a world where I have a  home in London and friends/chosen family everywhere. A heart spread over continents, oceans and in excellently decorated kitchens all over the world.

I feel that kind of loneliness you feel when you’re far…but also a kind of universal understanding and love with my global friends that is constant and assuring. I wouldn’t trade these feelings for anything. I wouldn’t trade this wacky life for anything. I can honestly say that the adventure keeps getting better and better and I look forward to this year’s adventure.

Thank you for being a part of the magic. I think 29 will bring some incredible opportunities, challenges and triumphs and I look forward to raising a glass with you, sharing a hug or a meal with you in some great city of the world sometime soon.

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