Where did the last six weeks ago?


No, but seriously…where did the last six weeks go? I started my new job, started teaching again with Swing Patrol and it’s been off to the races. I’m just trying to catch my breath. I’ve been thinking about my process adjusting to a new job, building a life in a new city and trying to stay connected when so many people I love are scattered all over the world.

Immediate impressions:
It ain’t no dream. Friends comment that I’m ‘following a dream’ – friends it’s not a dream, I couldn’t have dreamed this. I’m pursuing a life I want in a city that seems to want me – it’s thrilling. I feel so much gratitude.

Holy f@#$ I’m tired. Every time I start a new job I feel like the first two months are the most emotionally/physically exhausted two months ever. It’s likely because I’m trying to retain so much new information. It is also exhausted to meet new people – it’s exciting, but tons of energy goes out, not a whole lot comes back.

London feels like home. I landed in Heathrow and felt relief, calm and quiet for the first time in over a year. I have a home here. I have a community. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.

It’s moments where I’m physically here and my thoughts are back in Toronto – that’s when I feel far. But all I can do is ask for help and surround myself with friends.

Tonight – I sit at home with a cup of tea and a favourite cookbook beside me and I think…wow. I like how this story is unfolding London, let’s see where this goes…

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