Learning to worry less


I worry. I fret. I examine situations from multiple perspectives and contemplate outcomes. I like to feel in control. I know lots of people who feel the same way. My mother is certainly someone who worries.

However, in times of unknown promise and opportunity, I’ve been thinking about what ‘worry’ brings? Often nothing good. So, let’s not confuse worrying with pragmatism. Of course, you should think things through, especially when it comes to big life changing decisions, or things that affect multiple people in substantive ways, but you also need to let go of worry. At least I do. I’ve been focusing on letting things come to me, accepting help, embracing comfort and being forgiving to myself. It drops the heart rate and makes the unknown far more palatable, sweet even.

Are you a worrier? Here are a couple of suggestions that seem to work for me on how to manage your worry today:
1. Take deep breaths more. Stop what ever you’re doing and take a deep breath, maybe even a couple.
2. Be kind to yourself. Think and say nice things to yourself – you have many lovely attributes why not acknowledge them?
3. Ask for help. Let those you love and who love you know that you need some support, hugs, high fives. If they don’t know how can they help?

Oh! And listen to great, restoring, invigorating music – whatever genre speaks to you. I find it takes daily effort to deal with these feelings, and I’m noticing a difference. It’s hard though, it’s a choice. Please feel free to share things that work for you if you’d like. I’d definitely love to read them.

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