When streets start talking to you…


It began a couple of weeks ago…a wall on High Holborn had the words “be present” sprayed across a wall. Then there was the Nike ad that said “attempt the impossible; risk everything,” then there was the bridge tonight that said “change is the only certain thing.” I realize these are all circumstantial and coincidental and that I have been undergoing a typical masters student existential crisis but to hell with it! I’m going to rationalize and you can’t stop me.

I am four days into my 28th year and already I’ve done a photoshoot and interview for a UK magazine that will come out in October 2014, performed in an international world renowned cabaret festival, taught 50+ people some sweet lindy hop moves, drunk numerous cocktails (many of which I did not pay for) and partied under a bridge by the Canal with a bonfire to sweet 90s jams. It’s not a brag, it’s just an observation. Life is crazy, stressful and maddening, but it’s also vibrant, unusual and astonishing!

I spoke about uncertainty a few weeks ago and in the last three days I’ve felt uncertainty shift. It feels more like opportunity this week and momentum. And to be honest, I’ll take it! I shove off to San Francisco in a few hours and I’m sad to leave London (because it’s rad) but I look forward to learning some things and bringing that knowledge back with me when I return.


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