Recipe: Cinnamon Rolls WF and DF


Cinnamon RollFor those that don’t know, I’m allergic to wheat and dairy. I have been for 9 years. I thought I’d throw up some tasty treat tonight. Living in London – they have everyday bread products covered. English muffins, baguettes, bread, scones – all a wheat and dairy free (often not vegan so keep your eyes peeled on the label). But one of the things I miss from Toronto is the decadent sweets. Bunners incredible muffins, donuts, cinnamon rolls and cupcakes, Sweet from the Earth chocolate caramel bars and date squares. I will definitely be making a Bunners run when I come to town in a few weeks.

I recently adapted a Michael Smith Food Network recipe to rustle up some spelt dairy free cinnamon rolls. I definitely cheated and used vegan Betty Crocker icing. Don’t judge me. I can feel your judging eyes!

I refuse to buy baking utensils since I’ll have to move in a few months and own all that shit anyway in a bin in Toronto, but here’s the original recipe in case you’d like to rock and roll – get it?! (I love a good pun.)

Cinnamon Rolls

I substituted the butter for coconut oil, flour for spelt flour and halved the whole thing. I used a pot for a bowl, a water bottle for a rolling pin and they turned out mighty delicious.

If you’re looking for tasty treats here in London in the meantime, I highly recommend the Free From bakery at the Borough Market for vegan GF DF rocky road squares, the polenta cake at Look Mum No Hands on Old Street and the chocolate chip mandarin loaf readily available at many retailers/cafes and markets. It’s very moist! I often buy it at the farmers market every Thursday at Torrington Place near UCL.

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